Monica has made annual trips to India since the early 90s to study with the Iyengar family attending both General classes as well as Intensive courses.

In 2008 Monica  was invited to teach Asana and Pranayama classes at the International Iyengar Yoga Convention in Santa Clara, USA and in the last few years she has spent extended time in Northern Europe running Teacher Training courses as well as teaching  workshops in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland and France. Monica is an Assessor and Moderator for Junior Intermediate and Senior Intermediate Assessments both in NZ and Scandinavia. She has been an active member of the BKS Iyengar Yoga Association of NZ since it began in 1993/94 and in Sweden since 2008. She now has her focus on Teacher development both in NZ and northern Europe.

’Yoga has always been in my life and will continue to be in my life till the end.’

All permanent teachers at the Iyengar Yoga centre of Auckland are Certified

or undergoing training towards certification.

Fran Campbell    

My first introduction to yoga was at the age of 15. I saw a small booklet about it at the local 5 & dime store. I practised off and on until 1992 when I discovered Iyengar Yoga. This has become my passion.

I am a certified Junior Intermediate Level III teacher. I enjoy teaching and sharing the knowledge of yoga. My  special interest lies in learning more  and using that knowledge of Therapy Yoga because many of my students require special attention relating to different physical shortcomings. Yoga is a way of life for me and will be with me always.

    I have had a regular yoga practice since 1995 and strive for the depth - physical, emotional and spiritual - that the Iyengar method can bring to a practice. I came to yoga later in life and its discovery has given me a renewed sense of direction and purpose.

I am a certified Junior Intermediate Level III teacher.

The study of the Iyengar method of teaching continues to enthrall me and I love the opportunity to share it with fellow students of yoga. Mr Iyengar expresses it better than I can in his book ’‘Yoga-the Path to Holistic Health’’.

’The practise of yoga requires discipline and intense concentration, but the fruits of the journey are truth and tranquillity.’

The use of this mark by Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers demonstrates the teacher’s authenticity and commitment to the Iyengar system of yoga.

Principal and Director at the Iyengar Yoga Centre, Auckland             

Monica Haar,  Advanced Junior 2 Certificate.



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Monica was born in Sweden, and when she was still a child , she was introduced to Yoga by her Russian grandmother.

In the early 80s she started following the teaching of Mr BKS Iyengar, "Guru-Ji", and has been teaching according to his method since 1987. She became a  Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher 1993 and she is now the highest certified Iyengar Yoga teacher in NZ.

Vicki Randall

Yoga is a journey of self discovery and exploration. My own journey began in 2006 after the birth of my third child. I soon developed a passion for this method of Yoga, and working around the commitment of family life I have found joy in regular practice. In 2011 I commenced Iyengar Yoga teacher training with Susie Lever and Monica Haar at the Iyengar Yoga Centre. I am now a fully Certified Introductory Iyengar Yoga Teacher.

Iyengar yoga - with its degree of attention to the practices of asana, or postural yoga, and to pranayama, the breathing exercises - brings great health benefits. I began a regular Iyengar yoga practice in 1995, and have always wanted to share the benefits with others. 

Over the years, I’ve studied to advance my understanding of yoga, anatomy and physiology. I began teaching classes at the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Auckland in 2011 and since then I have attained two levels of Iyengar teaching certifications. I now hold a Junior Intermediate Level 1 Certificate

Marshar Kaye

Pat Macdonald

I have studied globally with Senior Iyengar teachers, including studies with Geeta and Prashant Iyengar at the RMIYI in Pune, India on four occasions.

As well as teaching Iyengar Yoga I am currently working as a Registered Nurse and I study Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy.  

My yoga practice has offered me strength, agility and resilience on all levels, physical, mental and emotional.  

Through practicing and teaching yoga I am drawn into the present moment, into my body and into a place of acceptance and gratitude, inspired by life.

In 2003 I became a Certified Introductory Iyengar Yoga teacher.

I now hold a Junior Intermediate level 2 Cert.

Lee McGarva

           Hayley Roberts/ Introductory Cert, permanent teacher

            Julie Sargisson/ Introductory Cert, relieve teacher

Sandra first experienced Iyengar yoga in the late 1990s when she was backpacking around Central America with a friend who happened to be a teacher of Iyengar yoga. In 2001 while living in London she started her practice of yoga with greater regularity.  ‘’Iyengar yoga has an emphasis on correct alignment and from focusing on the action of the pose the mind naturally becomes more quiet and drawn to the present moment’’. 

Sandra did her Introductory teacher training in London and gained an Introductory certificate in 2007.  In 2013 after having returned to New Zealand she gained her Junior Intermediate Level 1 certificate.   She regularly attends workshops with senior teachers in New Zealand and internationally. 

Sandra McLellan